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Indigenous Peoples' Day 2021 
Live Events : 
October 11, 2021

This year, we are excited to have two live (online) events to commemorate Indigenous Peoples' Day.  Both events will be recorded and uploaded to this page for those who are unable to attend the event.

Panel Discussion: 12:00 pm AZ/PST

Tracing the Structural Violence of Indigenous Peoples of the Americas since 1492

The panel will examine violence against Indigenous peoples in the United States, this includes violence on the border, violence against women and violence against brown peoples in general. The panel will also focus on the violence against Indigenous peoples on the border. This includes state, law enforcement and vigilante violence. Watch the panel for free below.

  • Dr. Roberto "Cintli" Rodriguez, U of A Professor Emeritus, writer

  • Valaura Imus-Nahsohonya (Hopi), Executive Director & Founder, Honwungsi Consulting Services

  • Speaker Facilitator will be Marley Shebala (Navajo), Journalist

IPD 2021 Speaker Panel: "Tracing the Structural Violence of Indigenous Peoples Since 1492"

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