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Blake Gentry, MPPM (Cherokee Nation) is the Director of the Indigenous Languages Office as a .75 FTE employee with Indigenous Alliance Without Borders. The ILO is located at Alitas Welcome Center in Tucson, AZ and is administered by AmaConsultants.orgLLC.


ILO recruits and coordinates volunteer interpreters, trains Alitas shelter staff and volunteers in Interpretation protocols, maintains interpreters for 17 Indigenous languages and 13 non-Indigenous languages, produces videos in indigenous languages for shelters and legal defense organizations, researches, and advocates for and publishes on Indigenous immigrant rights.


Anatomy Manual of Indigenous Languages in Migration

In 2021, AmaConsultants produced an 80 page manual for Anatomy of Indigenous Languages in Migration, featuring 17 Indigenous languages of Abiayla, specifically from Meso-America and South America.


Content of the Anatomy Manual

The manual includes a glossary of 60-64 terms (depending on the language) and a female and male diagram on 8.5 “ X 11” sized paper. The introductory material is written in Spanish but a  one-page

English and Spanish Interpretation Guide for Working with Indigenous Language Interpreters is included. The Anatomy terms of each Indigenous language is listed in a bilingual (Indigenous Language and Spanish) table, and illustrated in culturally appropriate female and male anatomy diagrams.

Languages included are:


The illustrated diagrams human anatomy can be resized for a larger, easier to read  print-sized diagrams such as 14” x 18” Black on White prints, for clinical use. To obtain specific diagrams, an electronic copy, a print copy,  or to secure  an electronic copy for institutional use, see below. . .

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Manual front cover art design by:

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